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Facebook bans Alzheimer’s, Dementia prevention education videos

In yet another example of tech giants protecting Big Pharma’s evil monopolies by censoring content that helps people heal, Facebook has banned advertising of an upcoming Alzheimer’s and Dementia summit.

According to Facebook, offering educational videos for improved health is not a “business model” that Facebook tolerates. Of course, promoting toxic pharmaceuticals and antidepressant drugs to children is perfectly acceptable to Facebook, Google, YouTube and other tech giants that are now almost entirely driven by Big Pharma profits. But teaching people how to avoid toxic prescription medications and protect their health using nutrition and healthy living is utterly disallowed.

This is because the monopolistic tech giants have all thrown in with Big Pharma, and they are abusing and exploiting their positions of power to suppress public education about natural health and prevention. After all, a person who avoids a chronic disease is lost revenue for the drug companies and even the tech giants themselves, as they earn money from drug advertising.

“We don’t support ads for your business model”

The organizers of the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit, which begins July 23rd, shared the following screen grab with Natural News, where Facebook says, “We don’t support ads for your business model. Please consider this decision final.”

This is yet more proof that Facebook, Google and YouTube are colluding with Big Pharma to censor not just free speech, but speech that’s important for human health, longevity and quality of life.

This is exactly why those of us who believe in free speech and healthy living are forced to build our own platforms like, launching in July, which will feature thousands of video channels discussing natural health, self-reliance, botanical medicine, CBD oil and other topics that are now increasingly banned by Google and Facebook. (You can request your own video channel now at

Isn’t it time the U.S. government charged Facebook, Google, Big Pharma and the corporate-run media with RICO Act racketeering and fraud?

To watch the the banned Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit, register at this link.

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